Supporting The Trail of Tears National Historic Trail
Supporting The Trail of Tears National Historic Trail

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Trail segment along the Northern Route at Pea Ridge National Military Park in northwestern Arkansas. The wayside exhibits overlooking the Arkansas River at Fort Smith National Historic Site, located on the Water Route in western Arkansas, depict in 5 individual panels the removal stories of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogee (Creek), and Seminole Nations. The award-winning Trail of Tears exhibit at the Cherokee Heritage Center in Tahlequah, OK, includes a tactile "bead wall," with each bead representing one removed Cherokee, totaling 16,000 beads. Also, life-cast figures depict the travel along the Trail of Tears.

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Historical Sites:
Certified Sites            
•    Tuscumbia Landing (Deas and Whiteley Detachments) – April 15, 2007
•    Waterloo Landing (Deas, Whiteley, and Drane Detachments) – June 8, 2009
•    Fort Payne Cabin Site (Benge Detachment) – August 24, 2009
Proposed Sites for Certification
•    Gunter’s Ferry (Benge Detachment)
•    Lebanon Campsite (Benge Detachment)
•    Decatur Landing (Deas and Whiteley Detachments)
•    Route of Tuscumbia, Courtland, & Decatur Railroad from Decatur to Tuscumbia Landing (Deas and Whiteley Detachments)
•    Andrew Ross House, Wills Valley, Alabama (DeKalb County)
•    Willstown Mission Cemetery, Wills Valley, Alabama (DeKalb County)
House Sites Associated with Roundup of Cherokee in Alabama
•    James Lasley’s House (Benge Detachment)
•    Elizabeth Pack House Site (Benge Detachment)
Sites Associated with Land Route of Drane Detachment in Alabama
•    Bellefonte
•    Huntsville
Road Segments Associated with Benge Detachment Route
•    Willstown-Ross’s Landing Road at Daniel/Andrew Ross House
•    Davis Gap
•    Winston Gap
•    Lebanon Ford
•    Smith Gap
•    Road segment before it enters inundated area of Guntersville Lake
•    Wagon Road segment in Guntersville State Park
•    Wagon Road segment from Gunter’s Ferry to Claysville
•    Blevins Gap
Other Possible Sites for Certification
•    Commercial Row, Tuscumbia Alabama (T. C. & D. Railroad)
•    Rawlingsville Camps
•    Fort Morrow (Benge Detachment)
•    Fort Likens (Benge Detachment)
•    Fort Lovell (Benge Detachment)
•    Fort Turkey Town (Benge Detachment)
•    Campsite on the Tennessee River on Road to Claysville (Benge Detachment)
•    Huntsville (Benge Detachment)
•    Meridianville (Benge Detachment)

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